We Video Classroom

I’ve been using We Video for a couple year’s with students for my Intro Film and Journalism classes. I was just prompted to create classrooms, but these are not all set up and working like I would like and it is several screens and menus to get back to the way I was distributing clips to students in prearranged groups.

Is We Video Classroom Beta right now, are only some teachers being offered to try it? Where can I submit things not working and suggestions?

I’m very frustrated right now. They totally changed the way students login and we are one week away from the end of the semester. Students are in the middle of projects and can’t find them with this new layout!

The Classroom is out of Beta and is now available for everyone.

I was using the Beta a bit and really liked it. If your students are lost, they will just need to click on Personal after first logging in. This will take them to what they are used to. If they want to go back they can always select the dropdown in the top left to switch.

Hopefully, this helps.


My students can find the projects old way, but I’m looking for a way to assign a project to just a group of 5 and give them clips specifically for the project they filmed. I am only seeing a way to assign a project and then for them to join a team for each project. I’ll need to play a bunch more with this.

I just tried it out and it looks like you can create any “class/group” you want and then give them a link to join. That way you could separate for small groups.

Hi @jed, currently our classroom editor is not equipped to assign specific media clips to teams of students. However, our team will be actively reviewing feedback and updating the product to reflect user needs, so stay tuned!

I think assigning clips is a necessary feature for a classroom. :slight_smile:

Definitely! Within a class we need an easy way to add students. (I couldn’t get the google classroom integration to work).
I would like to be able to:

  1. Assign to every student they create their own project. (Clips given to students)
    2 ) Assign a project to a group (They each do their own individual assignment with shared clips).
  2. Assign to a group that can collaborate on the same clips given to them on the same collaborative project).

@jed @donna.casagrande Thank you for jumping in and using our Classroom tool! As with all of our products, we value educator feedback and the product team is constantly working on iterations of the tools we release. Among these iterations is the ability to have more options when assigning projects, including ways to provide media and other scaffolds to students. Please continue to let us know how we can help!

Hi Ryan. How do we get the Google Classroom integration to work? In a video I watched, I saw the option to import from Google Classroom. but in my district, we do not see that option. I do see the code, and we have had students join successfully using the code. (And we are LOVING WeVideo classroom!!!)

Hi @trish.hinchman. The integration with Google Classroom roster needs to be turned on by the owner of your account. The ability to do this will be available in the owner’s admin settings. If the owner of the account needs further help finding the right button please email support@wevideo.com and they will help you right away! Thanks and I am happy you are LOVING Classroom!